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Highest Runs in Odi by Player in One Match

The record for the highest runs in odi scored by a player in a single ODI match is a testament to the extraordinary talent and sheer brilliance that can grace the cricketing world. These monumental innings are more than just numbers on a scoreboard; they represent a fusion of skill, strategy, and unwavering determination. Such […]

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How Many Times India Won Asia Cup

India’s track record in the Asia Cup is a testament to their cricketing prowess. India Won Asia Cup Over the years, the Indian cricket team has clinched the coveted Asia Cup title on multiple occasions, creating a legacy of excellence. While the exact number of victories may change over the years as new tournaments unfold, […]

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Tilak Varma Selected for World Cup 2023?

Tilak Varma Selected it was finally declared on Monday that Team India will compete in the forthcoming Asia Cup, and it is now all but certain that the team for the ODI World Cup will be chosen from this list of players by the selection committee headed by Ajit Agarkar. Tilak Varma got selected for […]